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Book Launch Announcement: Legal Guide For Chinese Outbound Investment in Belt and Road Countries (Chinese Version only)

Legal service plays an important role in safeguarding the smooth development of Belt and Road Initiative. Baker McKenzie FenXun (FTZ) Joint Operation Office is proud to have both Chinese and foreign lawyers who deeply understand China’s development concept of overall open-up in the new era and can acutely capture the policy orientation and market demand in China. Having brought into full play of their rich practical experience in legal services for cross-border investment, our lawyers have produced this series of Legal Guide For Chinese Outbound Investment in Belt and Road Countries.


As the foreign main body of Baker McKenzie FenXun (FTZ) Joint Operation Office, Baker McKenzie organized more than 30 Chinese and foreign lawyers from the offices of nine countries to compile this book. The book focuses on laws and regulations of nine major investment destination countries which are most attractive to the Chinese companies under Belt and Road background. This book introduces not only the national investment environment, judicial system, and laws and regulations applicable to the establishment of institutions of different natures in each specific countries, but also such key specific laws as labor law, company law, intellectual property law, tax law, dispute resolution mechanism, as well as laws and regulations related to privatization, mergers and acquisitions, anti-monopoly supervision, banking, finance and insurance. Several country investment legal guides specifically introduce the laws and regulations of the key industries with most Chinese investment, such as energy and resources, infrastructure construction, medicine, telecommunications, and banking.

The book consists of three volumes, namely:

        ● Legal Guide for the Chinese Outbound Investment in Belt and Road Countries ---Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan;

        ● Legal Guide for the Chinese Outbound Investment in Belt and Road Countries-Czech, Poland and Hungary;

        ● Legal Guide for the Chinese Outbound Investment in Belt and Road Countries-Russia;

The book condenses the great efforts and achievements made by the Chinese and foreign lawyers of Baker McKenzie FenXun(FTZ) Joint Operation Office.  It not only is professional and theoretically accurate, but also can provide practical reference and guidance for the business and legal personnel of various enterprises engaged in cross-border investment.  We earnestly hope this book could serve as a legal guidance and a guarantee for the stability and far-reaching operation of China outbound investment.  We also hope this book could help Chinese companies control legal risks and maximize investment benefits, thus contributing to the stability and far-reaching developmentof Belt and Road Initiative. We sincerely welcome the readers to further exchange and discuss with us on the content of this book.

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